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Volunteers from the Audit Commission bring warmth to the elderly

On the Saturday morning of 25 March 2023, staff of the Audit Commission paid home visits to the elderly in a volunteer event arranged by the St. James’ Settlement.  On the day, the volunteers met early in the morning at Sheung Wan for a briefing before heading in teams of two to three to several elderly households in the area.

The targets of visit were mainly elderly living alone in tiny dwellings in old buildings.  The volunteers had chats with the seniors.  A little gesture went a long way.  “They were a bit shy at first, but then they opened up and told us all about their stories and daily lives.  It warmed our hearts too, just seeing how their faces brightened up.  At the end of the day, what they need the most is someone to be there and to listen.”

Prof. Nelson Lam, the Director of Audit, gave a thumbs-up to the volunteers.  “There are a lot of senior members in our community living alone and in need of support, both practically and emotionally.  It is heartening to see how our colleagues contribute their break time from heavy work to the care and assistance of the elderly.  My appreciation also goes to St. James’ Settlement for coordinating events like this, which allows our members to give back through voluntary services.”

Prof. Nelson Lam, Director of Audit, and volunteers from the Audit Commission
took a photo before heading to visit elderly households

Volunteers from the Audit Commission were on their way to visit seniors in Sheung Wan