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Reports on the accounts of the HKSAR Government

Report of the Director of Audit on the Accounts of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for the year ended 31 March 2016

Accounts Pages of report File size
Contents p1 - p6 (256 KB)
General Revenue Account p7 - p22 (162 KB)
Capital Works Reserve Fund p23 - p34 (160 KB)
Capital Investment Fund p35 - p44 (81 KB)
Civil Service Pension Reserve Fund p45 - p50 (34 KB)
Disaster Relief Fund p51 - p58 (125 KB)
Innovation and Technology Fund p59 - p66 (100 KB)
Land Fund p67 - p72 (35 KB)
Loan Fund p73 - p82 (144 KB)
Bond Fund p83 - p91 (84 KB)
The Full Report (p1-p91/1103KB)

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